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The tennis pro Rafael Nadal has had enough and he is calling for action!

Sick and tired of constantly defending himself and the sport, Nadal has written a letter to the president of the International Tennis Federation and requested that he make Nadal’s drug and blood-test results public for anyone to view.

In the letter, Nadal stated, “It can’t be free anymore in our tennis world to speak and to accuse without evidence.”

In the letter, sent out Monday to ITF president David Haggerty, Nadal requests that all of his tests be made public to all.

“I know how many times I am tested, on and off competition. Please make all my information public. Please make public my biological passport, my complete history of anti-doping controls and tests.”

The same day this letter was sent, Nadal also filed a law suit against a former French government minister who had previously insinuated Nadal has been doping.

“From now on I ask you to communicate when I am tested and the results as soon as they are ready from your labs. I also encourage you to start filing lawsuits if there is any misinformation spread by anyone.”

So why is Nadal so passionate about this subject?

The Spanish tennis pro stated that the letter was a result of comments made by former French minister of health and sport, Roselyne Bachelot. On a French television show, Bachelot had suggested that Nadal’s seven-month hiatus due to an injury was “probably due to a positive doping test.”

“It is unacceptable and mostly unfair that someone that should have knowledge of sports to a certain point and degree can publicly say something like this with no proof or evidence.”

The Spanish Nadal is adamant about his clean drug history and this letter is his call to action in favor of appropriate actions and procedures for investigating such subject matter in the world of professional tennis.