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Todd Ehren and Tennis

Todd Ehren grew up in a tennis family. His father had been nationally ranked by the USTA, his brother played Division 1 tennis and had earned national recognition, so it was only natural for Todd to step onto the court. Todd starting swinging a racket shortly after he started walking, and instantly showed his family’s proclivity to the sport. He would go on to achieve his own success on the court, but what stuck with him most is the family tradition behind the game.

Tennis ball on a white backgroundAt 8, Todd began stringing rackets. A self-starter, Todd decided to learn the skills necessary to maintain his equipment, rather than asking others for help. Back in those days, rackets were still wooden and not well fit for an 8 year old’s care. However, Todd learned to appreciate the care and upkeep of the rackets and other equipment. Tennis, like other racket or stick-based sports, such as lacrosse or hockey, allows for a tremendous amount of customization with how your string and tape your equipment. A seasoned and well-educated player can know how a different weight of tape can balance your forehand, or how spring tension effects your serve. These are lessons the Todd Ehren began learning early. He enjoyed working on his own racket and also fiddling with his family’s gear as well.

Todd attended Hofstra University for his undergraduate education. A student of the Frank G. Zarb School of Business, Todd focused on accounting. He earned a Bachelor of Business Administration. He was also on the tennis team. The life of a Division 1 collegiate athlete is busy and sometimes draining, but always rewarding. Todd excelled in the tennis program at Hofstra. The benefits of mixing fierce athletic competition with your academics are numerous. You learn how to multitask by balancing the requirements of both affiliations. You learn perseverance by not letting success or failure in one arena effect you in the other. And most importantly, you develop a rhythm of hard work — day in and day out. To succeed as a student, one must devote themselves to their studies. One must do the same to succeed as an athlete. To do both concurrently, you need to be special. Todd graduated Hofstra in 1989, ready to enter the business world, but he never lost his love of tennis or his competitive edge.

Todd married into the family owned and operated IG Federal Electric Supply Company. He has contributed significantly to the company’s success in the last 20+ years. He now serves as Executive Vice President of the company. All the while, Todd continued the Ehren family tradition of high-level tennis. Todd competes in local tournaments and remains a driving force in the Long Island tennis community. He has helped sponsor local tournaments and continues to compete at a high level. He earned national ranking at the 35-and-over amateur level, climbing as high as 17 in the USTA rankings.

Todd now has a family of his own and encourages his teenage children to participate in the game that has been so influential in his own life. He understands that everyone finds their own path, and he’s excited to see them grow and develop over the years.

Todd lives in Long Island with his family.

Todd explores tennis, sports, and family health and wellness in this engaging blog!